Together with us, you can get one of the most coveted trophies.
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest entity of Russian Federation. Besides that, Yakutia is the biggest administrative territory in the world.

Yakutia is larger in size than Argentina which ranks 8th in terms of land area in the world. However the population density of the Republic is one of lowest in Russia because the number of inhabitants there is less than a million. That is the reason why the nature of Yakutia regarded as one of the most primeval and virginal in the world.

The most beautiful place on the planet, it's primeval nature and the original unique culture are waiting for you!
Yakutia is larger in size than Argentina which ranks 8th in terms of land area in the world.
On the territory of The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) there are 3 species of bighorn sheep.
Climate conditions and attractive landscape of The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) favorably effect on fauna and flora diversity and provide great opportunities for vacation and hunting tourism development.
According to the data relating to year 2010, the livestock of bighorn sheep is about 50,000 species.
Information about tour
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Period of hunt:
August - October
Tour duration:
10 days of active hunt. In case of earlier trophy capturing, tour duration can be shortened due to customer's request.
Place of hunt
Suntar-Khayata Range
Hunting campsite consists army tents with stove heating. There are all necessary conditions for comfortable accommodation, equipment, gear, saddle horses, ATVs, quality food and experienced guides. According to client's request it can be a walking hunting, camouflage or drive hunting.
11 000$
Tour program
Day 1
Group arrival to Yakutsk airport. Then there is a comfortable jeep transportation to the hunting ground which takes about 730 km
Day 2
Meeting staff. Instructing about terrain type and hunting features, shooting on different kinds of animals. Detailed weapon zeroing-in. Guide's distribution. Hunting directions distribution.
Day 13-10
Hunting itself. Location and hunting will be based on the main camp. Every day we will travel to necessary distance.
Day 11-13
Tour ending. Packing belongings, transfer to Yakutsk airport
10 days of active hunt. In case of earlier trophy capturing, tour duration can be shortened due to customer's request.
Oberon provides transfer between the airport and hunting ground.
730 km.
Travel time is 12-13 hours
On the way there are 2 ferry services across Lena and Aldan rivers. There can be a sleepover in Hundyga village. Also the helicopter ride from Yakutsk to hunting ground is possible.
Hunting ground information
Hunting area is situated on Suntar-Khayata Range in Tomponsky Ulus (ulus is district in Yakut). It's length is 450 m and the highest point is 2959 m (Mus-Khaya Mount). The location of hunting ground is Kyubeme which is the highest point of the whole range. That is the very place where large male bighorn sheep inhabit. The range is difficult with its effusives and granites.It is characterised by high mountainous terrain, glaciers which cover the area more than 200 kmĀ² and taryns (taryn in Yakut is a large long-standing icing formed mostly by groundwater, which maximum thickness is 8 m). Suntar-Khayata Range is a watershed of Aldan, Indigirka and the rivers of the Sea of Okhotsk basin. At the hunting ground there can be organised fishing with our equipment. Among fish there are grayling, omul. Capturing of other trophies, such as elk, bear, wolf is also possible.
Trophies that you can get
Bighorn sheep chubouk
Roe deer
Bighorn sheep chubouk
Bighorn sheep is one of the most beautiful representatives of artiodactyls dwelling in mountain areas of Siberia, Sakhalin and Kamchatka. This unique animal with amazing winding horns is regarded as a real nature masterpiece. You can read further about bighorn's life features and its role in human's economy.
Elk is a mammal. This animal represents artiodactyl ruminant kind of animals. At a distance you may confuse it with a deer, because both of them are deer species. The main feature of elks is its horns which look like plough ('sokha' in Russian). That is why Russians usually call it after this word - sokhaty''
Deers are timid calm animals which feed on slowly and jump over the high grass. People recognize them from their white fuzzy tails and large horns. Male deer is the only animal that grow its horns in summer and shed them in winter
Roe deer
Roe deer is a small deer. Male roe deers have little double-split horns. The horns grow on the second year of life. In the end of spring males always rub their horns with trees to shed the dead skin.
Brown bear is the biggest predator in Yakutia. It lives on the whole boreal forest excepting its north-western side. Over the recent years, bears had been noticed more often on the territory of region's boreal forest, that means its population growing.
Wolf is a typical predator characterized by endurance and intelligence. Except for a breeding season they live in packs. They are active mostly at night and sleep at the daytime, usually not far from their next victim.
At hunting area it's possible to organize fishing using our equipment. We offer everything necessary for comfortable leisure and successful catch. The main fish species are grayling and omul.
Tour cost information
he cost of bighorn sheep (chubouk) hunt is $11,000. This sum includes the cost of hunt tour - it is $6500 - which have to be paid when booking. $4500 is a cost of a trophy Bighorn sheep which have to be paid 60 days before your arrival on hunt.

In case if the customer does not capture a trophy the sum of $4500 will be refund at the day of returning from hunt tour to Yakutsk.
Cost includes
  • Transfer from/to Yakutsk airport;

  • Transfer from hunting place;

  • Hunting license;

  • Healthy balanced nutritions;
  • Assisting in documents preparation;

  • Preparation and sending the trophy worldwide.

Cost doesn't include
  • Airfare cost;

  • Extra baggage charges;

  • Weapon trafficking charges;

  • Hotel accommodation and meals before the main hunt base in Kyumebe village;

  • Strong drinks.
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